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Two Getrag 245's


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Those prices seem reasonable in today's market, even considering they're unknown 'gamblers' (actual condition not known until driven and/or opened up).


I'm finding it difficult to secure Getrag 245 O/D transmissions in good, rebuildable condition.


I sent 4.5 transmissions out recently, received 2 complete rebuilt (refurbished?) units back and a box of mostly 'burned-up' parts. Each of the good units required synchros and some bearings. (*From what I've seen, the 245 transmissions had the later-type 'friction coating' on the synchro surface, which didn't last as long as the earlier type synchros with concentric grooves).


Perhaps @TobyB and his Jerico units will become popular, or - heck - the standard 4 speed, which works quite well. -KB



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4 hours ago, TobyB said:

It's hard to beat the weight of the 4- speed-

but dang, that 2-3 gap will get you passed out of every slow corner.



On the track, absolutely - one might almost feel guilty passing on exit with a better transmission. Almost.


As we know, for street use, the 2-3 gap on a stock 4 speed and O/D 5 speed are very (very) similar. -KB

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