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Kuglefischer Pump storage

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I have a spare original Kuglefischer Pump off of my car, I’m going to clean it up and store it, I assume I can fill the body with engine oil and cap off the connections so it doesn’t leak out and then just oil up the outside of the body and place in a good quality zip lock bag with as much air removed as possible, does anyone have any other suggestions. TIA

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If you have access to a mig welder you can bleed to gas into the bag to displace the oxygen with inert gas. Here in the US we have a home carbonator called a soda stream I'm sure you have something like it in OZ, anyway the co2 it injects can do the same, I use it to save leftover avocados or guacamole over night.   

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Because the top end is fuel lubricated, I'd fill it with a gas/fuel stabilizer cocktail and seal the inlets and outlets before storage.


When fuel evaporates, I believe it is replaced with moist air.  Changes in temperature don't help.


"Fuel stabilizer bonds with gasoline to prevent evaporation. "

https://www.berrymanproducts.com/fuel-stabilizer/  or sta-bil


But fuel stabilizer, just like in the gas tank will combat moisture and keep the suction and delivery valves lubricated for longer.


A desiccant bag in the storage will keep moisture away from the outside as well. 


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