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repairing wiring - seeking rec's on waterproof connections


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  I am looking to up my game on wiring repair (splicing in new sections/ replacing end connections) and am not finding a local source for connectors that I like. 


Does anyone have any recommendations on quality connections?  I was looking for something like the following - butt, spade and blade



haisstronica 180PCS Solder Seal Wire Connectors-Waterproof Solder Wire Connectors kit-Heat Shrink Butt Connectors

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I'd say those are pretty much garbage. My .02 worth - don't try and save $50 here or you will have problems down the road. Go with 3M or another reputable, known brand (electrical depot.com), learn how to do it properly ((Tony Candela's automotive wiring book has been in my library for many years and I go back to it all the time) and your splices will never fail.

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Those low temp "solder" connectors don't really do a good job.  If you are going to solder, use the real thing and adhesive heat shrink tubing.  An easier way that produces an excellent connection and long term contaminant protection, is to use a professional crimper and this brand of silicone filled, heat shrink connectors:



Gardner Bender Crimper.jpg

Perma-seal connectors.jpg

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You beat me to it, Phil-


Del City for the Delphi connectors.

or Waytek- waytekwire.com 


Totally not period correct.


Totally less frustrating and more permanent.


Just make sure you have crimpers that can do the

correct roll crimp.


My take is that a roll crimp that's then sealed with double wall

heat shrink is equal to solder, but less likely to fail from vibration.

I also think that solder that's sealed with double wall heat

shrink is NEVER going to fail from vibration.



it's a bonding process

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