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Brisbane, CA show & swap UPDATE.

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Price: $1
Location: Bay Area




Local CA attending Gents,  


I am on the presupus of losing my desire to hoard parts and build these cars. Just finished my last major build and used what parts I had laying around. What's left I intend to bring to Brisbane in October.  Putting out the notice to let you know if you are searching for tid bits, I will be bringing my stash of the fiddly things that help complete any car. Nothing is new so prices will be super cheap just to pass this stuff along.  Most items selling for $25 or less.  I don't have 5 speeds, limited slips, Recaros, side drafts, etc... It's all stock stuff. A few interesting items that will be priced over $25 like a complete peddle box and sport wheel. Note it's ALL used driver quality stuff and is better than nothing, you get the picture.  


If there is something particular you seek, PM me I may have it and can separate it out and bring to the show for you. Otherwise you can come and sort through the bins and we can talk about what's what and where pieces belong on your car.  I have many of those little parts that go missing when a car is torn down for repaint/rebuild and never gets reinstalled by the knuckled head cousin of the parolie shop manager who is too drunk half the time to recall where he put your hardware.  Y'all know what I mean.  



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UPDATE: Y'All locals 


I have been doing inventory of all this stuff.  Here is a short list of what to expect so you know to bring your dollars to the show. 




Pedal box complete, has cable set-up for side drafts-sold individually. 
Sport steering wheel + other cool wheels and a column. 

Electronics from light bulbs (ALL sizes), relays (flashers etc...) washer arm stalks pre 74, horns, dash switches, lighter, ignition backing unit, US turn signals and tail lights, license light items, side markers, VDO gauges and mounting housings, horn rings, pre 74 horn relay and more....

Brakes, Good working set of stock calipers loaded, core calipers, stock hubs, misc hardware and hard lines. Filler caps with floats. 

Front subframe and control arms, plus a strut tube

Seats: Tan pre 72 with chrome hinges, head rests in blue 75 to 76, Dark tan e21 seats, black seat covers from Bavarian Auto, Recaro seat rail mounts and stock sliders, Misc Recaro hardware items used in rebuilding a seat and a set of two used BMW logo seat material with foam padding. More of course.

Carpet set in salt N pepper one piece USED but totally usable. 

Tons of little metal and plastic bits like brackets, knobs, ashtrays, seat belts bolts covers, door panel stuff, etc...

Doors-I may or may not bring them but I have glass and inner mechanisms such as the regulators and all that stuff inside the door. 

Wheels-steelies and bottle caps with tires (likely free) Plenty of center caps and some alloy wheel caps. Lot's of lug nuts stock and shinny ones.  

Transmission: Have a bunk case but the rear cover is good, and plenty of the little add-on's for trannys like shifters, support brackets, covers, and the connecting bits to the unit and chassis, 

Drive shafts, One stock 4 speed and another slip spline for a 5 speed.  

Heyco Tools

Tii stuff like cold start injectors, plastic lines, pump gear and cover, and more which will be spread out. 

E21 stuff too: 
Headlight plastic covers, euro center console, CIS injection lines plastic and stainless braided, 2.0 riser metering plate, locking lug bolt set, Brake booster, and others. M20 2.3 CIS head with Schrik cam. 


Of course there is more this just a off the cuff hit list. 


See you at the show, Look for the green Tii and maybe a carboard M10






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Teaser photos! Not that you can see what's in the boxes. 


Still have more crap to unearth. You will be happy to know I have been assembling hardware packets. I.E. proper sized bolts and screws etc.. for a door. Doing this for other areas of our cars too.  All will be in baggies marked and cheap! 


I have a ton of e21 stuff (no 5 speeds or LSD's C'mon man) I can bring if you contact me with your needs. Otherwise I likely won't haul it to the show since it's not directly 02.  







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I'd be interested in another front subframe. Would be nice to finish a complete r&p swap without pulling mine apart again this winter. Might do an e21/02 hybrid.


Also if you have a OEM finned 02 diff cover, that would be great!





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  • conkitchen changed the title to Brisbane, CA show & swap UPDATE.



A few more things to note if you are looking. 


I have a a box of e30 1.8 ignition and intake stuff plus a harness with coil and dist with wires and ECU's from a 1985 model year.  Plus an EDIS trigger wheel & ignition control with pig tail for that mega squirt project. 
2002 ignition stuff like plugs wire sets CHEAP $5 plus coils, points, condensers, caps & rotors, and ceramic ballasts. 

E-brake handles, repair metal sections, levers, and boots plus the e-brake light switch. 

1 black rear seat bottom material and horse hair cushion plus lots of interior plastic knobs, covers, and the like. 

Door glass and inner mechanisms plus bracketry and hardware kits. set of handles with locks and a key 

Brake hubs, rotors, calipers, hard lines, mounting bracketry, new pads, shims, bearings.  

Trunk floor boards, gas filler boot (later) spare tire well with hold down 

Bumper stuff like filler strip rear 74 up, big bumper shocks, inserts, mounting hardware plus early style mounting blocks that go inside the chrome bumper. 

Knee trim and belt line pieces, sun roof panel and a trunk lid, Plus the most sought after black slat covers for metal grills. 

Lot's of bits and things, too much to list but it's all been categorized and bagged so you can easily sort through the items on offer at the show. Much of it has been cleaned too so no greasy shizzy to mess up your hands, clothes or ride.  

Head rests, 14" e30 style 5 wheels with center caps and a set of 5 1/2" steel rims for 74 on up. Also have 5" individuals for spares. 


This is just from memory as I load the truck up, MUCH MORE, things you likely never knew you needed.  


PS I have two doors I don't have room for so if you want them for $10 each let me know and you can pick up in Sacramento.  



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   I don't think that we're supposed to use the word "tranny" any longer. I was going to help my friend Arron put a clutch in his Turbo last week end..... I texted him asking if he was ready to attack that tranny.............

his wife said that I "needed sensitivity  training".   Just sayin'


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3 hours ago, coloincaalpine said:


   I don't think that we're supposed to use the word "tranny" any longer. I was going to help my friend Arron put a clutch in his Turbo last week end..... I texted him asking if he was ready to attack that tranny.............

his wife said that I "needed sensitivity  training".   Just sayin'


soon they will come for us all. They, Us and All are subjective, while soon is objective.  


We are all doomed. 

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