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Recoil spring Tension


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My tech guy is trying to fix my broken speedometer on my1976 cluster. After he opened it he discovered the recoil spring came out of its shaft. He reinstalled it but wanted to know the recoil spring tension. Will appreciate it if you what it is. 




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Set the peg securing the spring about where a kink might be in your spring.  It's going to be a guess.  A machine to turn the speedometer input spindle at a rate for 60mph is going to be the way to get accurate.  The spindle turns per minute for 60 is stamped on the rear face of the sheet metal housing.

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When I had to remove the speedometer needle from its shaft to replace the odometer drive gear, my instructions (from the folks at Odometergears.com) were to carefully lift the needle over its stop peg and let it come to rest.  Then mark that spot on the instrument face with a pencil and remove the needle.  When reattaching the needle to its shaft, press it on so it points to that mark. 


IIRC the needle swung to about 5:30 on the speedo face, and I marked it.  When I reassembled everything, I've discovered my speedo is about 7-8 mph fast, so I'm gonna have to do it again.  I can hardly wait!


So I think you're in for some guessing.  What you might try doing is to reconnect the bare speedometer (not in its housing or even in the instrument cluster) and prop it in position.  Jack up one rear wheel (presuming you don't have limited slip), and since you know the approximate speed at a given rpm in a given gear, check the speedo against that.  If you're off, it's much easier to reposition the needle without having to dismantle everything.  Again.



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