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Is this cylinder head shot?

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I picked up a used engine with the intention to rebuild it and swap it out with the tired engine in my 76. 


I noticed that in the #2 combustion chamber, there is either some type of pitting or erosion, or possibly even signs of a repair at some point. One out of the 8 rocker arms is different too.  In a few places the #3 intake valve appears to have similar pitting.  I know the engine was turbo'd previously, but the rest of the bottom end looks ok to my layman eye (pistons, cylinder walls, rod and main bearings etc.) but that would need to be validated by a machinist.   


I'm planning to replace pretty much everything (the cam, rockers, valves, springs, seats etc).  My question, is whether the head itself is ok or maybe not worth using?   Thoughts?


#2 cylinder:



IMG_6206 copy.jpg


#3 intake valve:

IMG_6203 copy.jpg


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I REALLY came into this thread wanting to say "go for it" .... but yikes.  Someone braver than I could possibly attack the whole thing with a welder, but it'd be a small miracle it'd still come out ok, given all the work needed.  Also, the pitting on the face surface is pretty intense .... almost like they went to town grinding between the two combustion chambers in your second photo only to really really poorly weld it back up.


I would say lawn art, or in CD's neighbor's pool.

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Thanks for the quick response! Here is another side by side of two different cylinders and you can get an idea of how exposed the valve seat is on the #2 exhaust side.  The more I look at it, the more obvious the weld repair is when you look at the water jacket.  



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I was ok until you pointed out the erosion around the exhaust valve seat...


now, I'd say put it in the attic, because at some point it will be worth rewelding 

(it was welded once...)

but that point is not yet!



has a few marginal heads saved up for some experimentin' 

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