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Contacting IE


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I've tried to reach Ireland Engineering over the past two days to inquire about one of their products during business hours (9:00am – 5:30pm PST) by telephone (626-359-7674 per their website, at least 10 calls attempted) with no answer, and no voicemail.   After many rings, the phone is answered by a computer voice asking the caller to provide a "remote access code". 


On vacation?  Broken phone system? 


Has anyone else been able to get through?

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Option 3) They have two lines and due to the call volume both lines stay busy the entire day.

Solution)  Try calling a little earlier, Try crossing fingers, Try emailing.


Due to a opening in my schedule I went up there and worked for a week late last month (bit nostalgic).  I can attest that the lines are non-stop and that under Andrew's ownership the foundation of how things operate is becoming more efficient.  The real eye opener for me were the supplier and supplier's supplier shortages due to the pandemic.


In the mean time, I'd be happy to answer IE questions if you shoot me a PM.

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