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I am looking for photos

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I am looking for photos that represent 2002FAQ and its members.  They will be used for promotional purposes for the website. If you have something you are will ing to share, please email them to me at steve at bmw2002faq.com


The photos should be high resolution, you must own them and allow me to use them on this site or in print. If your photos is used, i will send you some of the FAQ merchandise. 


As these will be for print, here are the size requirements. 


File Type: JPG or PNG
Size: 1688 x 1313 px (minimum) | 3375 x 2625 px (best)
Resolution: 300 ppi


Thank you for the support,

Steve K.

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Here ya go, Steve...

The first one is me autocrossing Ludwig (my '73) at BMW CCA Ofest in 1999; the second is Ludwig and Wolfgang together, taken in front of my garage in 2017.  The third is of Wolfgang (my 69) outside Bavarian Motors in Queens NY the day I took delivery, 5 May 1969. 


I have more if you need 'em...



Ludwig autocrossing.jpg

Ludwig & Wolfgang I,  5-3-17.jpg

My 69 at delivery 5-5-69 and in 2002.jpg

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