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Resistor value

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Nope, not from that.


If you can get some better pictures of which resistor that is, 

maybe we can.


Also, that level of heat damage often doesn't change the

resistance, so you may be able to desolder it and 

meter it directly.

You then take the value you get and check it against the 

markings to see if the two don't contradict each other, and go from there.


Be careful when desoldering- use a temperature controlled

iron, and as little heat as will melt the solder in a short time.





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It’s definitely burnt according to my electronics tech guy. That’s why he needs the resistance value to replace it.

Today, I shipped him an older non working cluster I dig up in my garage. Hopefully the same resistor is on it and not burnt. Will keep you updated when I hear from him again. 
I don’t anything whatsoever in fixing these clusters. I depend on my tech guy.


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