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Not an 02 - 1977 320i e21

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Price: $7500
Location: Louisville KY


1977 320i (e21). 2L 4 cyl fuel injected with 128k miles. Automatic Transmission, Rubinrot Metallic Paint.

I am the third owner the family I bought it from had it from 1979/1980 until this January. It spent the majority of its life in Arizona and is the cleanest e21 I have ever seen. Its an absolute time capsule. I won't say no rust because they all have some - but its as close as you can get - no concerns at all. Come inspect for yourself - you will be impressed.

Paint is in great shape and a professional detail would make this look close to new. There are a few small blemishes and some cracking on the sunroof panel. The sunroof is operational.

Before my ownership it spent many years stored in a garage and i have been reviving it so it can be enjoyed again. It has had comprehensive maintenance including:
New tires, new battery, Spark Plugs & wires, Oil change, Transmission fluid change, coolant flush, brake fluid flush, both fuel pumps replaced, starter and ignition switch, etc.
Prior to my ownership (& less than 2k miles ago) the car had an engine out service including a bottom end rebuild & new 'while you're in there' parts like motor mounts etc.

This is a well maintained survivor that doesn't need much to be perfect. Those needs are:
Minor cosmetic defaults (misc paint chips, missing radio knobs, cracked driver tail light etc)
Transmission fluid leak (pan seals and filter included with sale)
Thermo time switch (has a long restart, annoying but never left me stranded)

This is a great candidate for 'restoration'/preservation or for a modern drivetrain swap. You won't find a better body anywhere.

Please send a message with any questions or if you would like to set up a time to come see the car. I can send additional photos of the underside if you'd like. 



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