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Wanted a 1974 2002tii Motor

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VIN 2762438, block cast June 21, 1972 (from a 1972 tii manufactured in August 1972). Although it’s from a 1972 U.S.-spec tii, the engine, including the compression ratio and E12 head, are the same as a 1974 tii — but for the VIN and casting date.


If a 1974 U.S.-spec tii VIN is important — and I understand that sentiment completely — then only a 278xxxx engine will do. I don’t know how “original” you’re seeking. The distributor of a U.S.-spec 1974, the accumulator (or plenum), the airbox, and the Kugelfischer are all slightly different from the 1972-73 U.S.-spec tii’s; those changes being forced largely by increasing U.S. emissions standards. But… many owners of 1974 tii’s actually remove those 1974-specific features and use the earlier components.


So, as you choose a replacement engine, you may have to make some decisions as to your goals, for example, (a.) authentic and complete 1974 U.S.-spec tii, or (b.) tii with some non-1974 “enhancements”.


Good luck!




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12 hours ago, JC74tii said:



Thanks for the information regarding the 2002tii engine. What condition are these engines in? Will they fit in the 74 2002tii? Do you have  contact information for the owners of theses engines? 

1966 through 1977 ‘02’s use the same chassis, whether 1600-2, 1502, 1802, 2002, ti, tii, turbo. And the M10 engine they all use is completely interchangeable among the various ‘02 sub-models. So, yes, any tii engine will fit in any tii. In fact, any non-tii engine (same block) can be easily converted into a “tii” engine by creating an oil drain hole and installing the tii ancillaries.


But it sounds as if you might need the entire tii injection system, along with the engine itself. If that is the case, you’re probably best off finding a complete tii engine, with an operable injection system still in place.






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