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Oil Pump Oring


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My E21 pump from Ireland came with a black Oring installed. I read about the red ones from 02. I found one in an old pump and what appears to be a new one. Whats more confusing is that the original number 11411250429 (12x3) seems to be have been superceded by 11437794484 which reaaal oem says is 11.7x3. Has anyone used the E21 with black ring on 02 metal tube? 

I just measured the new black ring - it looks like 11.7 x 3. Old style red ring is slightly bigger. Am I overthinking this?

Also, What tips for the pump sprocket nut? Torque / Loctite? Is it reverse thread?

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You're not overthinking it, as it's a weak spot in the 2002 oiling system.


I had not realized that there was a supersession.


The important thing about all this is to make sure the tube that bolts to the block

is long enough to hold that o- ring deep in the pump with no way for the o- ring to 

get out. There were multiple iterations of the tube, and the pump boss changed slightly,

so not all combinations work any more.

I have been unlucky enough to get it wrong several times- I now use an old style

tube, but move the collar down so there's no way that lil' sucker's gettin' outa there.


I would think red loctite is sufficient for the oil pump nut.  I don't know the torque offhand.

The pump nut problem is with the 6's and with race motors- the 4's don't have enough

torsional vibrations to really shake the snot out of the pump at normal street revs.




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Sure you have an E21 pump for an M10?  The E21 pump has it in front...


oh wait-


yeah, there's some odd schiznit on the back, too, isn't there?  I only have a vague

memory of it...  and not all OE pumps had it.  I don't think all the aftermarket ones did.

Maybe to prevent above o- ring failures? 


I'm sure you can swap back pickups with impugnity- making sure the o- ring in front's well- secured!


Here's the unhelpful BMW pic.




E21 oil pump.jpg

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