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SOLD FS: Korman Stage I Engine

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Price: $1000
Location: Raleigh, NC


Bit of a change in plans for me, so letting go of this engine I’ve been hoarding.


This is a older Korman “blue-block” Stage I engine removed from a ‘75 2002.  I drove this car years back, and it was torquey and responsive, didn’t smoke or consume oil.  The engine has not been run however in 8-9 years.  Cross-hatching appears good, no scoring noted on the cylinder walls or camshaft.  Timing components all intact, and the engine turns over smoothly by hand.  

Description copy/pasted from Kidman’s site:


Stage 1 Engine 

A moderate increase in compression ratio, special valve work, mechanical advance distributor, Bosch Sport Coil, and Korman-Stahl headers combine to extract about 12% increase in power over the stock engine. The stock cam is used resulting in a very fuel efficient, quick engine. Expect about 112HP with the Weber 32/36 conversion.


$1k, pickup in Raleigh, NC.





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18 hours ago, slowpoke said:

Willing to ship to west coast?  I’m checking to see if this works for me.  My engine’s mostly an oil burning furnace at this point…. No power, lots of smoke…


I'd much prefer to sell the engine locally, however..  if no one nearby swings for it, I *can* get it crated and shipped.  

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