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Fuel pump leaks!

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I've been searching for the source of fuel smell in the engine bay. After changing all the hoses, I was hopeful. But when starting it I discovered gas seeping from the fuel pump's gasket and a small puddle on top of the intake manifold. If you look closely you may be able to see the gasket is wet. The screws securing the top half were a little loose...I'm pretty sure the pump needs a rebuild. This being a short neck pump, I plan to replace it with a long neck. Any recommendations? 

 fuel pump leak.jpg


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The short neck pumps can be rebuilt. Long necks cannot.

I'm sure you have checked the tightness of the screws and the condition of the gasket.

Another place to look is the pressed-in brass spigots for input and output. These have been known to slip out....not good if it's the output barb.


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@John76Thanks for the advice about screw tightness. I tightened the screws and the fuel leak from the pump is resolved! I guess someone may have rebuilt that pump and the screws were never properly tightened?  I will be watching the fuel pump like a hawk!

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I bought a pump like that and used it for a few years before putting the original long neck pump back in.


Mine developed a leak at the seal for the same reason and tightening the screws fixed it.  It is probably a matter of the seal having compressed over time and a good idea to give the little screws a little twist every so often.  It probably happens more when they are new.


It looks like you are missing the two little brown sleeves that go under the nuts and fill the gap between the studs and pump holes.


We discussed them in this thread recently.  



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