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RHD engine bay pictures needed of brakelines for servos

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Hi all,

I am nearing the finish line of a project started by the PO 30 years ago. I am running the brake lines for the dual remote servos, and was wondering if any RHD owners could takes some photos of their engine bay and the routing of the brake lines? When I got the car the brake system was in a box, and I cannot find any useful photos online or in the forum. 



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Hi mate,

Have a look at the diagrams on this site for right hand drive cars, http://garage02.com.au

I did mine and whilst they are safe and have not leaked they aren’t the best I’ve done, when I rebuild my engine I will be doing them again, they basically have runs across the firewall from the master cylinder and servo’s

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32 minutes ago, Martin Nobbs said:


Also silly question, how do I correct the title of this topic, 'remote' is misspelt?


There are three dots on the right border of your original post. Click on them and choose “Edit”. While you are in the editing mode for your original post, you’ll will also be allowed to access and edit the thread title.






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Replaced with foot power! More foot pressure needed on the pedal but not uncomfortably so. I did treat myself to new rotors and semi metallic pads on the Volvo BBK. Replaced and simplified lines with cunifer retaining dual brake system. Sorry not so many photos of new layout.






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If you are gonna re-plumb the original layout it helps if you have some understanding of what all those pipes do & how that system works.


It's a dual-circuit master cylinder, and one outlet routes to one servo , the other outlet to the other servo. 


The servos have brass 2-way or 3 way outlets on their end.


The one with the 2 way outlet feeds one set of pistons in each front caliper (upper or lower doesn't matter, just be consistent)


The one with the 3 way outlet has two lines that go to the other set of front caliper pistons, one either side. The third outlet goes to the rear brakes as a single line, with a T-piece up near the diff that splits the line to each wheel cylinder.

In the original form that 3rd outlet to the rears has a ~4cm long residual pressure valve before the brake line (screwed in to the servo 3-way outlet). Thats there to stop pull-back of rear wheel cylinders and give shorter brake pedal travel.


So, if you understand all that, the exact routing of each line is down to artistic impression, as along as you achieve the logical function.

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