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S2002 +1000 mile road test

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Sometimes you get what you pay for, my first super cheap swap kit ended up being a crap motor, while awaiting a rebuild a local restoration shop (2002Garagewerks) reached out to help me with a super low mileage motor.
While I swapped it out I took some time to clean up the engine bay paint and re-wire, as I was putting it all back together I came up with an idea to revise the drivers side motor mount to incorporate the Honda compressor in the stock position this facilitated a 25 minute install including swapping the serpentine belt.


all done 3 days before departure time to Monterey……


I met 3 other 02’s and blasted away for a +1000 mile shakedown nervously 


5 days later upon returning home:

-No oil leaks

-Solid oil pressure 

-No over heating

-1 wiring gremlin (headlights)

-Multiple 8k pulls with big grins 


Driving the coast with friends 


at Legends 



This Guy followed me around 



heading home


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