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The Blue Angel

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My 73 tii got her new Blue paint today.  These body shots were done this evening after the first clear coat with a couple more to follow.  The hood was painted about 10 days ago but still needs to be buffed.  Looking good!  Note the Schutz Shot.  This is with the Wurth product!



Frt Qtr Right 8-23-21.jpg

Hood .jpg

Nose 8-22-21.jpg

Rear Qtr Left 8-23-21.jpg

Rear Qtr Right 8-23-21.jpg

Schutz Line.jpg

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Well, the morning after and she still looks great!   The car will sunbath today and probably on Wednesday get buffed out.  Some additional paint is needed in the area behind the firewall, behind the headlights, and the tops of the inner fenders.  The VIN will need to painted in primer and masked as well.  Looks like I can start reassembly as soon as Saturday.  I have an upholstery shop lined up to do the headliner the two days following labor day!

Rear 8-23-21.jpg

Right Side 8-23-21.jpg

Side 8-23-21.jpg

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Brought it home * from the body shop today.  We have a few things to do over the weekend and on Tuesday, we will tow it to an auto upholstery shop to have the headliner installed.  This weekend's work will include the roof sound insulation and door mechanisms.  On the doors, we should start with the outer skin elements, such as the trim and the mirror brackets.  Then we can put some super thin Dynamat on the doors prior to installing the window mechanisms.


* 'Home' is my mom's empty garage which gives me plenty of room to work!


Rear .jpg


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