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SOLD Heathen Book Collection

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I almost want to buy this collection just for the great ad title and verbiage, but alas I already own or have read several of the books.


Assuming you've not abandoned all interest in cars cooled sans water, it looks like we have similar tastes.  If so, FWIW, I don't think "heathen" is the correct word to apply to either of us. I prefer "dually enlightened."  😊 

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Posted (edited)

Bob, thanks. No its just removing perfectly good water from the cooling system has driven the price out of my range. Sadly will never get to own a 72 again without knocking over a boatload of convience stores. Plus just sold my 72 2002 and moving on to the next bucket list car. Just cleaning up around the shop...


Giving up the Petrolicious items because I feel they blew a good thing by their poor actions and then left the founding members (such as myself) out when they were forced to sell the company. 

- Clarified by edit. Girt


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