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FOUND WTB: OEM voltage regulator

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I think I have solved my "battery not holding charge" problem - new alternator and VR!  I have ordered the alternator from a friendly vendor.  My electrical contact in Denver tells me that one can't check to see if a VR is good with a voltmeter, one needs a VR tester.  In order to keep my car looking stock, I am seeking at least one Bosch (?) VR.  Since they are hard to test, I probably want to get TWO and take them to see my man with the VR tester, hoping that one will be good.  Thank you!

- Rob


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I have two of these old school long Voltage Regulators.  Bosch number 0190600016 and 0190601006

Pics below. Both used, worked when removed 15 - 20 years ago, now, I have no way to test them as I am retired.

I loaned one out to a mechanic friend a couple of years ago as a tester and he said it worked, but sold the customer a new one.

One is in a box marked 2002 Tester.  SOLD

If I got a car in that wasn't charging,

I'd plug the tester in and add a jumper ground wire from the mounting tab to the neg. bat.  terminal to check the alternator. 

I worked on and owned 02's an E9 and also worked on VWs so can't say for sure if this is a VW or BMW Regulator.

In my experience they were all pretty interchangeable as long as you are using with the standard alternator. Possibly the E9 had a regulator with the green wrapping instead of yellow...

Having star washers on the mounting screws help because as inferred above, the unit Must be properly grounded to work correctly.

I'm asking $30 each plus shipping call it $8 in a small prepaid box if you are in the U.S. w paypal friends or add their fee.

If you want 'em both I'll do $60 Shipped w friends or add their fee.

Let me know if interested. Thanks.

02 voltage Regulator 016 01.jpg

02 voltage Regulator 016 02.jpg

02 voltage Regulator 016 03.jpg

02 voltage Regulator 016 04.jpg

02 voltage Regulator 016 06.jpg

02 voltage Regulator 006 01.jpg

02 voltage Regulator 006 02.jpg

02 voltage Regulator 006 03.jpg

02 voltage Regulator 006 04.jpg

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