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Fuel Return valve - pipe stem came out of valve body

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My engine bay smells of gasoline. So as I was following the lines and checking hose clamps to make sure they were tight, the pipe came out of the fuel return valve. The pipe that came loose is the one with the yellow dot in my photo.

I pushed the pipe back where it was but I'm thinking I should replace the valve.

Searching for a solution, I found mintgrun02's  Jeep filter. It costs way less than the BMW return valve BUT... I have a 76 in California and need to keep the smog gear in tact.

Can the pipe be safely fixed? Do I just bite the bullet and buy another fuel return valve? 


 fuel diverter foto.jpg

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And...if both the pipe and valve body are metal, before following Buckeye's instructions with the epoxy, take a tapered punch and VERY SLIGHTLY spread (flare) the end of the pipe that goes into the valve body.  Then do the thing with epoxy and tap it into place.  


I've had the same problem with the brass pipes (nipples) coming loose in a pot metal fuel pump body, and a slight flaring will mechanically hold the pipe in place, while the epoxy both seals and enhances the bond.



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The fuel return valve is not part of the CA smog gear...no need to wring your hands at Smog Check Time.

All it does is circulate fuel back to the tank to help cool the gas and prevent vapor lock.

The Jeep filter does the same thing, but has a fixed orifice in the return line. The BMW valve is a bit fancier, with an adjustable return orifice based on manifold vacuum. High vacuum = bigger return line opening = lower fuel pressure/flow to carb.

Low vacuum = smaller return opening = higher pressure/flow.  The valve never completely closes, so there is always fuel returning to the tank.


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I went to three different auto parts stores and could not find the recommended Loctite product.

J-B Weld has something similar with high strength (withstands 5020 PSI) and it is fuel resistant. It's labeled Original Cold Weld Formula, Steel reinforced Epoxy.  Cure time is longer but I can wait a few hours.

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