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I am about to purchase tires for the new steelies I purchased. I am interested in receiving any input you might provide.

THESE Hankook Kinergy ST H735 all_ Season Radial Tire-175/70R13 82T





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Be advised that a 175/70 tire (of any brand) has a smaller rolling diameter than either a 165/80 (OEM size) or a 185/70 tire.  Both of these latter sizes have the same rolling diameter and thus will give correct speedometer/odometer readings.


I have the Kuhmo 185s, and they're perfectly adequate tires for street use.  Haven't tried 'em for autocrosses or track, though.  


Were it my car, I'd stick with a tire that maintains the original rolling diameter (165/80; 185/70; 205/60).   The latter will require at least a 5" wide rim, and preferably a 5.5 or 6" rim width.



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you are probably not in the Atlanta area but next week I will have for sale my set of Kumhos Solus TA11.

Purchased in May to use until my Pirellis arrived from Europe.  Good tires with 500 miles of use. looking for $200 for set of 4. 

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