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Replacing the expensive 4 prong Flasher Relay

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I searched this subject and found a bunch of old articles, so it must be a well known trick.  Unfortunately all the links to a harness were dead.  I see that it takes a EL-13 3 prong electronic flasher, but then I don't see how to connect it.  Can someone that's done this please help.  Not about to spend $150+ on a flasher unit.  



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The EL 13 is very nice.  I like the click it makes. I've left mine hanging down so I can hear it even better and look down to admire it once in a while.


The question is, can I dig up the answer to your wiring question faster by searching, or going out with a light and magnifying glass to look at mine?


Searching took 30 seconds.  Whew.  I'm lazy.


search query = [el 13 flasher wire connections]



Here's what John suggests in the following link.


Check if your wiring harness has these 4 wires:

(1) Green/Violet is +12V. 

(2) Green/Yellow for the bulbs (load).

(3) Brown is ground.  

(4) Black/White for the instrument panel indicator light.


A nice upgrade is an electronic flasher. I used a NAPA EL-13 (cheap!) with only 3 terminals (X, P &L).The brown ground wire is not used.

I connected the "X" terminal to the green/violet wire for +12V.

The "P" terminal is connected to the black/white wire to the instrument panel.

The "L" terminal is connected to the green/yellow wire for the outside lights (load)

The remaining brown ground wire is not used.





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Meh.  I wasn't jabbing.  Just showing off my searching skilz.  I actually think it is fun.


I've been visiting this site pretty much daily for ten years now, so I've had a lot of practice!


To use the @Shiparino trick that notifies people that you've mentioned them, you need to go down below the typed name and click on theirs from the drop down selection.  That's what turns it blue and sends them the notice.


Let us know if the EL13 works for you.



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Thought I had this licked, but something new started happening today.  


When I use the blinkers, the dash light comes on and doesn't blink, then sometimes stay lit and sometimes goes out, when I cancel the blinkers.  I definitely do not have a handle on the electrical...

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31 minutes ago, John76 said:

Are all the turn signal bulbs the same wattage?  Should be 21W each.

OK, that's a level of detail I didn't get to. I definitely didn't change any out, other than one of the rear tail light bulbs (and headlight, but that's another post).  I will check it out, guessing no way in hell are they all the same.

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You have to clean all the grounds, too. 

Note that the mounting screws for the front signal housings are the grounds for those fixtures. Clean the screws, the holes in the fender, and the surfaces of the housing. 

Also, chrome base bulbs are better than copper/brass based bulbs. They don’t corrode like the others. 

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