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Why are these brake lines disconnected?

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Hi Guys. Just picked up my car 2 weekends ago and have been in the process of tear down to get it ready for dipping and while removing the master cylinder and brake assist I noticed two of the hard lines were not connected. I looked at the front brakes and low and behold only one of the two hard lines down there are connected.    As a noob I was just curious why someone would do this? Are the front brakes other than stock?







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1 hour ago, AceAndrew said:


Those running Wilwood or early Brembo big brake setups will have switched to a single line setup.


What you have is a straight E21 caliper swap.


Thanks for the info. I figured they had to be different then stock, but had zero idea what they were. 

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56 minutes ago, TobyB said:

What you need to do now is figure out the rest of the system.


How has the master been disconnected/replaced/ replumbed?





Right now Im doing a complete tear down on the car to send it out to be dipped, so it's not a super big deal. When I get it back Im planning on doing IE's BBK front & rear with power assist delete. I was just trying to understand what a previous owner had done.


The rear drums still appear to have both lines running to them. And the two hard lines were also disconnected at the master cylinder. I should go take a look at it and see if they plugged the holes someway. 

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