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No fuel at injector…what next!

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Tii sitting for at least a decade.  

I have been getting everything cleaned and replaced that I can so far and was hoping maybe I could get the car to at least run as it sits. I have a new Bosch fuel pump, lines, tank, filters everywhere…and getting Great clean fuel to front of Injection pump…but took an injector off and no fuel going through pump evidently. T fitting screens cleaned and not leaking. Pump is turning with belt…what next!

What else can I check or unclog before sending out the pump. I’m sure it’s not great after sitting a decade but was hoping to get it to at least fire. Can’t do that with no gas!


Picture of dry top of pump after cranking. Anywhere else I can spray some break clean and get it to go?


Thanks! It’s my first injected car…




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Follow the fault-finding steps in the manual:


If theres fuel pressure to the pump then its most likely the little pistons in the pump have seized...if you are brave you might try 'unsticking' them as below:



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