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1975 BMW 2002 Race Car For Sale

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Price: $17000
Location: Lafayette, LA USA


1975 BMW 2002  Vintage race car. The car was raced by the previous owner with Midwest Council for the ten years, and it is believed the car was purchased by current owner in 2011. Believed no major accidents with the car. The car was built by previous owner to SCCA ITB specs and car was also raced in vintage and production classes. Car is presently set up for vintage racing.

Recent motor rebuild. The engine is 9.5:1 compression and is happy with 93 octane.

Engine specs: Coated rod and main bearings standard size, new oil pump. H beam connecting rods, Je forged pistons and Je rings, urethane motor and trans mounts, 2.0L crankshaft, mls head gasket, heavy duty rocker arms from Ireland engineering. Rocker locks instead of springs. 292 duration cam, Solex side draft carb.  

Car has Ireland suspension Coil-overs front #450 spring and #400 rear, Electronic Ignition, Six point cage, Custom brake ducts, 4.10 welded diff, Metric Mech. transmission, Spares include: Two extra heads, 3.90 welded diff, Engine core, Ivey weber 32/36 carb and intake, two extra sets of wheels. OEM Brakes.


Email: Brent.mosing1@gmail.com for more information or pictures. Also have receipts from work done for last owner. 





Dyno Time



2002 BMW Burnout



2002 BMW M10 Crankcase Vent



2002 BMW M10 Throttle Response



2002 BMW M10 Fresh Build



2002 BMW M10 Timing Set and Running



2002 BMW M10 First Start



2002 BMW M10 Build



2002 BMW M10 JE Pistons Clearance Issues



2002 BMW M10 With JE Pistons



2002 BMW M10 Build



2002 BMW M10 Build



IMG_8616 - Copy.jpeg

IMG_8856 - Copy.jpeg

IMG_8864 - Copy.jpeg

IMG_8867 - Copy.jpeg

IMG_8869 small - Copy.jpg

IMG_8874 - Copy.jpeg

IMG_8876 - Copy.jpeg

IMG_8877 - Copy.jpeg

IMG_8879 - Copy.jpeg

IMG_8881 - Copy.jpeg

IMG_8885 - Copy.jpeg

IMG_8887 - Copy.jpeg

IMG_8889 - Copy.jpeg



Thumbnail - Copy.jpeg

IMG_8616 - Copy.jpeg


Edited by bmosing
Correction on side draft carburetors, OEM Brakes and "built to SCCA spec", added pic of the scale for weight, no driver
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write up says 32/36 weber, but pictures clearly show dual sidedrafts.  might want to be clear on current configuration.  32/36 would have been SCCA spec which the car has clearly been modified far beyond legality in that class.  sidedrafts would be FP/vintage spec.


stock brakes still?


great vintage race car!


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