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70's info pod on dash - Another newbie question

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A caveat and a suggestion:


02s with those seatbelt warning pods also have sensors in the front seats that cause the light to go out when the seat is occupied and the belt is fastened.  Those sensors (really nothing more than a simple switch) have been known to short out and blow fuse 11 (at least #11 on 12 fuse roundies, perhaps a different fuse on squarelights), so be aware if your instruments suddenly quit (they're also on fuse 11)


Removing the pod leaves a fair-sized hole in the dash, and that makes a perfect spot for placing additional instruments--oil pressure, volts etc.  Neatly covers the hole and gives the instruments good visibility without taking your eyes off the road.



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Thanks for the info.  The PO changed out the seats (which were changed out before also), so those sensors are long gone.  There are a couple of fuses missing, (# 2 and # 6), which I haven't gotten into yet.  As for the hole, there are plenty of cracks on the dash, so I was thinking of filling them and seeing if I could have a local upholsterer, cover just the top.  I would fill that hole in at the same time.  Just an idea at this point, pretty far away from that step.  But digging into the wiring mess now, so removing that pod is just one more thing to get out of the way. 

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