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Heater box thermostat question

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Rebuilding the heater box on my 74 2002 (European model if that matters) .

I notice the articles on here refer to a thermostat on the coolant line before the box.

My car doesn't have this thermostat?

Is this correct ?Box has certainly been out for repairs at some stage.

Car has no AC either.





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Thanks bucky, 

That is a great picture you posted.

That bracket is completely gone off the back of my unit......

Is that thermostat automatic like a normal engine thermostat or is it manually operated ?

I didnt have the car long before starting the full strip down.

Thanks again.

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3 minutes ago, PaulTWinterton said:


I presume you have the heater control levers inside the car.  They would have the cables that fit to the back of the heater valve (that you don't have).


I have 3 cables/levers that all go directly into the box.

I guess the valve broke so they just by passed it for a cheap fix.

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In the existing archival material on repairing/rebuilding the heater box and its accouterments, look especially for postings that show how to make a new bracket to hold the hot water valve (what you're missing) and also several postings about using a hardware store plastic valve to replace the missing (and expensive) OEM one.  


If your car is earlier than a 73, there will be three levers on the dash that control the heater (none of 'em illuminated).  The one to the right of the steering column controls that missing hot water valve; 73 and later cars have four levers but the hot water valve lever is in the same position; the other lever with it controls the blower's three speeds.  If the cable is broken--and it appears yours is, you'll have to pull the heater box to replace it but there is plenty of guidance on how to do that. 


Not a difficult job, just time consuming, but there's plenty of guidance on how to do it.



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1 hour ago, Buckeye said:

Be prepared to spend $$$ rebuilding heater box

True and in your case OP, I fear the worst when you open it up.

Was the heater core even connected? Probably rotted out.

3 radiator shops blew me off about repairing/recoring my heater core. Had to buy a new one. And a fan motor, and fan blade, and an overhaul  kit (foam seals, bushings ect)

Still ,money well spent.

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Apart from the missing valve it's in decent shape.

Ive cleaned all the metalwork and replace the foam/grommets.

Local rad place is replacing the core and I've soured a valve from a parts car so will be collecting that this week.

Will have a few more questions when refitting but that's at least a year away!


Car is a 74 so makes sense that I have 3 cables & the missing one adds up .



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