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Under Dash Panel Speaker Placement and Hardware?

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I have new left and right under-dash panels, and am planning to mount four-inch speakers in them (prior posts say that’s the largest size that’ll fit). 



Where on the panels themselves is the best location to mount the speakers to make sure there’s enough clearance behind them? (The available speakers are all just under two inches deep). 

What’s the easiest way to cut holes in the panels?


What’s the correct hardware to use to mount the panels themselves (I only have the outer two panels, not the one that goes under the steering column or the other smaller ones)?
Maximilian sells a $60 hardware kit for all the panels plus the console, but I only need enough for the outer two pieces. 

FYI I’ll be hooking these up to the original Blaupunkt Frankfurt stereo. I know this option isn’t acoustically optimal, but I want to make this relatively easy and cost-effective. Thanks for any advice!








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I originally had 4" speakers in the two outboard under-dash panels, and they supported the speaker's weight without any problem.  However, I wanted larger, coax speakers so bought 5" surface mount speaker boxes and mounted 'em on the vertical cowl panels (the outboard sides of driver's and passenger's foot wells).  I carefully punched holes in the carpet before drilling mounting holes, so as not to unravel the carpet with the drill.  I also made sure the left side speaker didn't foul the hood release handle.   


Placing 'em on the cowl sides provides much better sound as the speakers are pointing out, not down (and are larger), and they're not in the way of feet or anything else.  



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Don’t do it, I copied the original panels onto marine ply, cut the shape out, cut the speaker holes and painted them black, they look good (who sees them anyway) and saves damaging the originals, which aren’t great at supporting speakers over time.

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