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197x 2002 US rubber bumper parts

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Hi gang -

I do plan to eventually upgrade to Euro bumpers, for I'd like to stick with my US ones for now.  I'd like to replace the rubber siding for both sides, both front and rear.  Does anyone know if anyone making something like this?  Else, I will eventually have no choice but to go Euro.


Thanks for any guidance.

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“197x” includes a lot of different bumpers from 1970 through 1976, and three primary styles for U.S. cars: (1.) pre-Modell 71 (up to April 1971), (2.) Modell 71 (April 1971 through August 1973), and (3.) U.S. 5-mph bumpers, a.k.a., big bumpers (September 1973 through July 1976).

By “197x” and your reference to future “Euro bumpers”, do you mean you have a square taillight ‘02 (1974-76) with U.S. big bumpers and you’d like to replace the black rubber rub strips that face those bumpers? Below I’ve shown, highlighted with blue boxes, the rub strips you might be seeking.


No longer available new. But there are so many big bumpers on the market, you should be able to find decent replacements. Pristine examples are rare, but daily driver examples are plentiful.


Or could you be looking for the side “accordions”, as shown circled in blue on the third/last photo? These are plentiful as well, in daily driver condition. There are often NOS examples on eBay, but they tend to be the rear bumper components, for no particular reason I can identify.


Either way, place an ad in the Parts Wanted section of the forum’s classifieds sub-forum. And check eBay regularly.











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Hi Steve -

Sorry for the delayed response.  The pictures were perfect to help illustrate what I am looking for -- the front side accordions; in particular, the passenger side since mine has ripped off.  I'm going to go with your suggestion and check eBay for something equivalent.  And Euro in the future.


Thanks again,


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If anyone was looking for a challenging 3d printer project,

those accordions would be perfect.


Print 'em up in TPU with water- soluble supports, and they'd...

well, ok, they'd look striated and shiny, but they'd bounce pleasingly.






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I have a kit to shorten your big bumpers. If you like that look. You do have to collapse your existing bumper shocks to use these. 


I have attached a photo of a 1976 BMW 2002 with shortened big bumpers. I think belongs to CD.


I also have non shortened bellows for both front and back bumpers in excellent original condition. 


Let me know



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