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Heater box

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Trying to rebuild the heater box in my 69 2002 and have found some cracks, so now trying to find a replacement box. I swear I saw new boxes for sale on one of the parts sites, but now cannot find it. Was I smoking crack that night?




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A friend and I successfully repaired a cracked heater box with epoxy and it's holding nicely after several years.  A couple of spots we reinforced from the back side with a piece of plastic or aluminum, depending on how much clearance there was inside.  When you reassemble, don't do so with rivets per the factory, but with small machine screws/nuts.  The rivets will crack that brittle 52 year old plastic.


Also be aware that your '69 uses a slightly different heater box from the later cars--the heater core nipples are smaller in diameter than those fitted from around late 1970/early 71 on, so if you find a replacement box, make sure either your heater core will fit, or the replacement core has the small diameter nipples.



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+1 on Mike Self's comments.  Your plastic heater box is over 50 years old, it's going to crack.  If you haven't found this article, recommend you spend some time in this article.  I have pulled my heater box a few times over the years and lesson #1, don't rivet it back together.   Bolt it back together.  Also while you have your heater box out, take your heater core to your local radiator shop. They'll pressure test it for leaks and core it out if need be and fix any leaks. 


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18 hours ago, Gordon said:

lesson #1, don't rivet it back together.   Bolt it back together. 

Use fiber lock nuts (nylocks) and dont over tighten, it'll crack more.

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Flat top beveled screws (and appropriate nuts and washers on the other side) work nicely and fit flush against the weather striping and firewall (see photo).  You might have to bevel the holes a little to make the flat screws fit perfectly.  As above, DO NOT use rivets.  As above, DO NOT over tighten.  As above, IT'S GONNA CRACK...somewhere and, likely, in several places.





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To continue what Mike was saying...


the cross over in hose diameter from small to large was one of the early 1971 changes (along with knee trim, single row to double row fuse box, shorty to long center console, etc.).


The larger core inlet/outlet also used the later heater valve, larger hoses, and larger firewall grommets.  It is possible to retrofit the later core and bits into an earlier box for an upgrade, just need to drill out the firewall holes to match.


and yeah... you were on something.  No new boxes.







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