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Adapting Esty's Carpet for E30 Seats

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Damn it, the text did not transfer...again...because I manipulated the photos after inserting them.  Seems that's when it  happens.  I know this and know to make a copy of the text in case it happens.  And, of course, I did not make a copy.  Duh.


Please be patient while I recreate the text.

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I am  installing a nice Esty carpet set and am having to adapt four pieces to fit around the non-standard bastardized brackets to which E30 seats are mounted.  Esty and I concluded the same:  the set will work if some carefully planned and  executed cuts are applied.

1.  To fit neatly around the outside brackets, each rear rocker piece needs an ~3" slit at the rear of the bracket and an ~3" slit at the front of the bracket.  These manipulations require patience, careful planning and measuring, and some fiddling and futzing because the stiffness of the carpet makes fitting and measuring these particular pieces a little difficult.  Still, quite doable.  Not to worry.

2.  To fit neatly between the brackets, each long footwell piece needs to be notched, cut, and trimmed here and there.  Easy to do.

All of these carpetly edits will be obvious when you adapt to you own non-standard '02 brackets, will not be seen by the '02-unknowing, and/or will be visually acceptable.


See photos in original post.



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