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Hi, I am trying to source a windshield for my '69, I found a decent later green-tinted version for about $250 but I'm not sure if it's a good deal or not. I have also heard that these can be had new but I have not had any luck finding one (using a local Westchester NY auto glass co.). Thoughts?

Thanks Chuck

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A '69 should have clear glass, and they're not as easy to find as tinted ones.    A new tinted one shouldn't be hard to find; the last time I had to replace my 69's clear glass, I was able to find one, but that was some years ago.  Have you tried a local glass shop--or the dealership?   Even if you have to settle for a tinted one, the tinting is very slight, so it won't be terribly noticeable.


And...unless the gasket is in very good shape, replace it--with a factory one, not the aftermarket URO brand.  The latter has a reputation of not fitting properly.



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thanks Mike, yea I have tried the local auto glass shop and they couldn't find one. I have only been able to find a green tint option, one of my doors has the green tint and it's hardly noticeable. 


Regard, Chuck

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$250 is a decent price.

IMHO, a windshield is a "consumable". A component subject to a high rate of wear/degradation, like brake /clutch linings or spark plugs. As such, I'm not as particular regarding its pedigree.

Unless your car is scheduled for Pebble Beach or something.. what's the big deal with a tinted glass?

The cash saved will cover higher cost for a factory OE gasket. Probably.



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As Mike has said, clear can be a challenge to find if you want clear. But don’t waste your time with a used windshield.


First, many (most?) are beginning to delaminate by now. Second, and more nefarious, a 50-year-old windshield is generally covered with an infinite number of tiny, tiny chips. These aren’t easily-seen chips. They’re tiny. The original windshield in my bought-new ‘76 was a perfect example: no cracks, noticeable chips, or delamination, and it was original. Any third party would have said I was lucky to have my original windshield in such good condition.


But when I re-painted the car, however, I replaced the windshield. Why? Known only to someone who drives the car regularly, when the sun hit the windshield at a raking angle, this uniform covering of tiny chips caught the sun and rendered the windshield virtually opaque. Unsafe!


Searching on “Pilkington” used to pull up multiple threads on new windshields.


Here’s a thread, albeit three years old:







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Thanks guys for the 'don't buy used' advice. I agree and passed on that used one. I did look up Pilkington and just got distracted by work. I'll look for a new one and start there. thanks for the notes.




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