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Torque Converter Needed for ZF 3HP12 A/T in '74

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I'm hoping someone hung onto a functioning torque converter when they did a manual conversion - or knows a guy, who knows a guy, who knows a guy who did.


I contacted Authohaus Schmid in Burlingame, but all of their 2002 A/Ts went to the scrap yard a few years ago, as there wasn't enough of a market.


Conversion to manual is not an option, but any other suggestions, sources to run down, or other ideas would be very appreciated. Thanks.


Greg S. -







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My recommendation? Don’t ask for a torque converter. Just look for any ‘02 automatic trans. There’s lots of them sitting around, they appear on here regularly. By specifying solely a torque converter, I’ll bet that many auto trans owners are passing this ad by. And although you know what a “ZF 3HP12 A/T” is, lots of this forum’s great members don’t. I’d say: “Wanted: Automatic Transmission”.


Yes, I realize you don’t need the other parts… yet. And you’d rather not pay shipping for an entire trans. But you own a trans that hasn’t been manufactured in decades. Parts will fail. And ZF isn’t making new parts. Allow someone with an un-used automatic to get the entire unit out of their garage rather than asking them to extract the torque converter and keep the rest. Make their life easy! And have parts on hand — the best way to head off another automatic trans crisis!


My two cents,




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