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Bruce McLaren's Fatal Crash


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I posted this to illustrate just how unnecessary and senseless it was for this man to die in this manner, in the prime of his life. It's a reflection of just how trivial this hobby really is in the larger scheme of things. And, as expected, there are people here just as trivial, if not more so, unfortunately.


I spent 40 years working on and driving 02s, rummaging through salvage yards across Southern California etc. And, I'm very qualified to make this statement; But, in the end, it's just a car. Some people will never understand that. Oh ! God forbid I bring up something more serious or controversial in the "Off Topic" section. What a farce !

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ls It was 8 years later that the fia and other stanchioning body started safety protocols like mandatory seat belt usage, WTF, and crash barriers, this was companied for by Jackie Stewart and Nikki Lauda spearheading a drivers movement. In 1966 Jackie crashed at spa and there were no corner workers or medical personal on that side of the track he was pulled from the car by two other drivers and had to wait until the race was over for a Doctor and ambulance to cross the track and pick him up. Later Stewart said You gone and royally pissed of a Scotsman and  and I won't rest till I see it put right, he did, and is still actively advising on track safety. Slavs is right you need to know that if you drive you car at speed it can be all over in just seconds.

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3 hours ago, Son of Marty said:

...if you drive you car at speed it can be all over in just seconds.


Doesn't have to be at speed, doesn't have to be on the track.  After decades of bicycle and motorcycle on the street and on the track, and 10 years making a living working at the track on motorcycle set up, life can change very quickly, whether it's your fault or not.  I've lost friends on the track, I've had friends killed on the street, had a friend last month get hit by a car for just no reason- broken wrists, leg, pelvis, degloved hand- and he wasn't going fast or doing anything silly, just wrong place wrong time.  It still happens.  Our cars are barely better than being on a motorcycle.  I don't ever feel safe on the street, a little safer on the track.  It's all dangerous.  Be careful out there.

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