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MSW center cap help needed

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Hi all-


I’m looking for some guidance re: center cap size and type. I have MSW Ceres basketweave rims for reference. I know that Gordon Parr and Bo Black both have nearly identical (if not identical) rims so perhaps either one of you could offer some insight?


The bore diameter seems to be 52mm for all 4. However, the interior is different between both pairs (see accompanying pix) so I assume that I’ll need 2 pairs of caps w/different style retaining clips.


Thanks in advance for any insight, knowledge and direction!









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5 hours ago, resra said:

I had a set of those many years ago and remember that the 74-76 steel wheel center caps fit. Give it a try.

Thanks for the tip! I’m more interested in something that will sit flush rather than protrude but I may wind up trying that…

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