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My BMW 2000 CS and seat bealts

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Greeting NK and CS coupe community,

I am looking for installing seatbelts in my 2000 CS. I am a bit puzzled because I cannot locate the mounting points. in the floor. My basic problem is the absence of mounting points on the side behind the seats and up because as you know there is no center pillar. That means one need to use rear mount seat belts for the front seats. There is indeed a mount there. Does anyone of you has done the exercise and install seatbelts?  Do you know where I can buy compatible seat belts that will cover all the length from the rear tray? Located in Europe but interested in any relevant info. Kind regards, Kyriakos

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I had this same question when I was putting my 2000CS back together.  The later e9 Coupes have a third mounting spot near the door opening.  If you know someone near you with an e9, you might be able to copy that mount on your car.  I ended up only installing the lap belts.  The rear seats of my car had no mounting spots at all for the lap belts! I had to drill the floor and add large washers to strengthen the area....not like anyone would ever ride in the back of my car...


Perhaps look over on the e9Coupe forum... there might be some threads over there which can help.


I just found this for you:




Hope this gives you some ideas!  Best of luck.


Ed Z



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my 67 has a stud welded in by the rear arm rest. E9s came with nut welded in roof which I guess you could do if teh car is apart. Or mount on package shelf i suppose. Anyway, I used seatbelt planet to get retractors.

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I am trying to figure out how to get the belts into my 1800


I found these on the parcel shelf. they match the cut outs in the cardboard of the shelf.  So looks like there is provisioning for the rear belts





Currntly one seatbelt is installed. The real is actually mounted in the trunk, the adapter for it is mounted on the shelf with a hole cut.






Bottom mount for the rear belt. Bolted through the body




Front belts exist, but they are spaghetti type.


Top Mount (there are holes under cover in several spots)



Bottom mount



I am trying tot figure out how to get automatic belts for all seats


steve k.


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