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Steering box: socket head screws - WHY?

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Why are two of the four bolts that hold down the cover plate on the steering box socket head screws? And can I replace them with bolts like the other two so long as the length is correct?

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2 minutes ago, jimk said:

What's the issue with them?

After taking everything apart, cleaning and inspecting, and putting it all back together to proper torque - with new seals, gasket, sealant on the bolts, etc., I had a very slight leak coming out of the machined cover that puts tension on the worm gear. So in disassembling it all to clean and do it again with hopes of eliminating the leak, this time with a bit of 515 on the surfaces of the shims and cover plate, the socket head got a little bit of rounding. So I don't think I'll be able to get it torqued back to the right number. So it's either order new OEM parts if available or simply pick up equivalent hex head bolts. 


I'm sure BMW had a reason for it, I just can't figure out what that might be. 

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The Allen head bolts are there for a reason. When the box is installed, two of the four bolts are partially behind and very close to the subframe mount. Those two bolts have shallower heads, presumably to guarantee clearance between the box and mount. Putting regular hex bolts in the two spaces meant for Allen head bolts will bring seven years bad luck. And warts. 

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