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Tii water pump options

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The internal components of the the standard water pump and the tii type are the same. It's just the casing that's different. If you have access to a hydraulic press you can swap the shaft/bearing plus seal and impeller over into your tii casing (the standard water pump is still quite reasonable price). Beware that this is only true for original pumps, some aftermarket ones have different internal designs and shaft sizes. 

Is it worth the effort?? I am not sure... At least if you pay the tii premium you know you have something that will work reliably for the next 20yrs....the transplant one may or may not be so reliable...

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4 hours ago, SydneyTii said:

I recently bought one from Jaymic, not cheap! But it’s one of those parts that just needs to work. I know they can be reconditioned, it’s just finding a good place to do it.

Plus 1 for Flying Dutchman

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Rob Siegel had the original pump rebuilt on his 48k  miles 2002 to help preserve originality.  I think he mentioned the shop that did the rebuild in his column.  He seemed to be happy with the rebuild.  


If you wanted to DIY, and have access to a hydraulic press, the bearings are common size and easily found.  The difficult part would be the shaft seal, but if your proved to be good, you'd be all set.  


I long for the days when water pumps had grease fittings--give 'em a squirt every 4-5k miles and they go on forever!  If I were rebuilding an '02 pump, I would seriously consider figuring out how to drill one for a Zerk fitting.

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