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Two Old E21's

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During a cross country bike touring trip in June and July, I found these at a rural body/repair shop.  Not the usual independent Ford and Chevy kind of fix-it place.  The place also had an eclectic group of old stuff:  diesel Rabbit, VW pickup, a n  old E30, etc.  Called the owner today.  He seemed reasonably knowledgable about E21's but not particularly well versed on E21 parts which might work in '02's.  He mostly likes E30's and other old vehicles.  I might take a road trip back and check them out more closely.  His brief comments during a brief phone conversation today follow (IF I remember correctly; that's never guaranteed):

#1 -- '83; M10; fuel injection; 5-speed (condition?)

#2 -- '81; M20; carb; 5 speed (condition?)

#3 -- an additional 5 speed (condition?)

NOTE:  He might have the M10/20 carb/FI reversed.

Any of these descriptions/combos sound correct/legit?


He invited me to visit (potentially a nice road trip) and chat about these and his other funky rides.  Could be fun.


IIRC, wasn't there a recent FAQ conversation re: E21 parts which fit '02's...?


I should have taken more photographs.  My bad.







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While the 320/6 was a 'thing,' and they were carbureted, but I don't think that the 6-cyl cars were ever officially imported to the US. So that might make it a slightly interesting grey-market model if that's what it is.  And the '83 would for sure be a 1.8L with K-tronic injection, making it a fairly nice candidate for donating a bunch of great stuff to 2002s, particularly the EFI parts, transmission, radiator, and alternator.

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The 83 is most likely a getrag 240 5 speed and the k- jetronic stuff is terrible and the intake manifold doesn't have injector holes.


The 81 m20 might be worth something if it's all original and fixable.


The extra 5 speed could be worth something if it's a getrag 245 with the 3 piece case.


Ask lots of questions and get more pictures.

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4 hours ago, AceAndrew said:

The early M20 valve cover was devoid of any later bracketry and therefore a nice option for ITB/DCOE M20's.  If in the off chance you end up going back, I'd buy it for $60.

"Bracketry" (and "componentry") shouldn't be words... on the off-chance that they are.





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