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I have used VW Recaro's in other cars (E30s & 944s), and currently have a set of earlier Recaro Trophy's from an 88 VW GLI in my car. 


I may be mistaken, but I thought if they were Real "Recaro" VW seats, the mounting brackets bolted on (Regardless if they are power or manual) There were lots of other sport seats made by VW that people would mistake for Recaro (kind of like people calling E30 Sport seats "Recaro").


From a production standpoint it wouldn't make sense for Recaro to make a separate seat frame for the manual vs power Recaro's, seems like extra work on their part, makes more sense to make the seats the same and just use different brackets. (But auto manufacturers don't always do things that make sense?)


I would ask for a pic of the bottom, if there are the 4 or 6 bolts on attaching the brackets to the seat you are good to go. 


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Not to dismiss Esty, but I was under the impression that the power seats could be used by removing / unbolting the power base- that it had the conventional Recaro bolt pattern.


Besides, if you got an angle grinder and a welder, well...

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On 8/3/2021 at 4:49 PM, colorobo2002 said:

Look like vw seats. The electric bases should come off, and you could sell either to an mk2/mk3 owner. But you'll have to look at the bottoms and see that they are flat, and will volt to a 2002 sliding rail. 


On 8/3/2021 at 4:01 PM, Des said:

Will these fit my 2002 thanks Dez.  They are Electrick. 


They are a gift. 

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if those ar like the VW seats i bout some years ago, it isn't the power assy that is the problem but the mounting assy


they might not be like what i bought...show a picture of the bottoms


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