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WTB Instrument Cluster Tach Wiring Harness

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The black wire from the tach to the coil is probably already in place in the wiring harness.  Look in the area of the distributor for a black wire with female connector that attaches to the condenser and the same behind the instrument cluster for the connection to the tach.  Near the distributor, the black wire is usually in a loom with the oil pressure sender connector wire.

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Thanks guys for the info.  I added the tach yesterday.  I transferred the + and ground wires that were attached to the clock to the new tach.  I found the black wire behind the cluster and attached it to the tach.  I started it up and it appeared to be working fine (at idle).  Put it all back together and took it for a drive and the tach was misbehaving badly.  It was jumping from zero to whatever the RPM was, then it ceased to work on acceleration or cruising, and only started the jumping activity on deceleration.  Weird.


I scoured FAQ last night trying to figure out the answer.  Could be a grounding issue.  Could be a bad connection back to the distributor/coil - though it is clearly getting some type of signal, though intermittently.  I read the post below and it seemed to indicate the need for the other harness.  I haven't had a chance to get back out and troubleshoot, but I thought I would try to acquire a harness in the meantime.  Any thoughts?


BTW, I have recently replaced points, condenser and coil - engine runs fine.



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