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Ride Height - In my head vs reality - New owner cheat sheet?

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I just purchased a well used 75 last weekend.  It has Ireland stage 1 springs, new shocks/struts and Ireland front suspension modes (static CC plates, adjustable sway bar, urethan bushings).  The car still sits up pretty high, tires below the fender wells.  I drove a 69 02 in the 80's, that I put Eibach springs, sway bars, KYBs, CC plates on, that sat lower right away.  I also see tons of cars online that sit where the tires sit about 2" below the bottom of the fender.  This is the look that's in my head for this project, but not sure how to get there.  Do you guys modify the springs?  Shorter struts? Snug everything up under load?  What's the trick? 


Thanks for looking 



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I have a '76 with Bilstein shocks (street setting) and Autopia sport spring. I kept the aluminum spacers (13mm) on the front struts and the 2-dot (33mm) damper rings on the rear.

With 185/70-13 tires (32 psi) my fender lip is 23" from the ground.  I removed the aluminum spacers in the front, but then replaced them since IMO it was too low.




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