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Posi-lock vs Eccentric for rear camber and toe adjustment

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I have the Posi lock version on the race car. The adjustment technique is very different. The eccentrics are a matter of turning a bolt head and tightening the nut. Pretty basic. The Posi, you leave both sides slack and move the control arm against tension with a long pry bar between the subframe and the control arm bushing, then tighten the through-bolt. It takes a little more finesse with the Posi, but I think your range of adjustment is greater than the eccentric. Choose your poison, I guess.

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23 hours ago, Mike G said:

I was told eccentric for toe and posi for camber is ideal. Posi is less likely to move, eccentric allows finer tuning. 

I might have said that.


It makes sense-- So, wait, maybe not.


Likewise, I've got homemade wrenches for adjustment.



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