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Schuetz on the Rear Panel?

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Originally, I thought that the Schuetz coat went on the back panel beneath the bumper.  However, some photos from VSR showed the Schuetz only shot around the corners and not across the back.  What is correct?  We are using the Schuetz and not Dupont as it is the correct consistency of 'oatmeal.'

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I believe round taillights may have received body schutz on the rear valance, but square taillights certainly did not. Below is my ‘76 before it was re-painted; I’m the original owner.


The rear quarter panels, behind the rear wheel wells, were heavily and sloppily schutzed, but the schutz wrapped around the two rear corners and simply stopped.


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P.S. I happily defer to Tom and Toby, below, regarding schutz on round taillight examples!







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On 7/29/2021 at 7:54 PM, tjones02 said:

The schutz from the lower quarter panel ended at the seam for the tail panel on round light cars too. It did not originally extend across the tail panel below the bumper.


Yup, but only on the later (maybe 12 fuse, maybe Modell 71?) roundies.  

The early roundie shells didn't have any at all, OR just had it on the nose

valence below the chin line.




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@TobyB Yes, only for long bumper, Model 71. The earlier short bumper ‘02s indeed had no schutz on the lower quarter panels, nor tail panel. And, there were other variations to the schutz in other areas of short bumper’02s as well, but this isn’t the thread to lay out all those changes.

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