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Battle for the Atlantik

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The body shop was able to get a sample of Atlantik from Glasurit.  I thought this would be a slam dunk on the color.  However, when I saw the scrap fender painted with the sampleBlue Test 2.jpg, it was really too far to the black to be the correct color.  I have a BMW badge with this to test the color.  On the second photo, I have the right hue, too light a shade from the repaint done by a PO and a can with the drippings from painting the engine bay in 2019.  Photo of engine bay under intense light.  Much darker in normal settings.  The body shop is going to either scan the engine bay or paint a metal panel with the paint we provided to see how this color will look.  If so, we will do a match of it.  We will hopefully have the color correct soon.  Aside from photos, any additional references I should look for?

Blue Test 1.jpg

3309 Right Inner Fender Painted.png

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Here is a photo with an overlay of the 3 shades so far.  The 'Too Light' fender with previous paint, the scrap fender painted in the Glasurit sample (too much black, no blue shade when viewed in person, especially when compared to other photos of Atlantic cars) and the Hood Bar we painted when we had the hood off last year.  This paint is either PPG or Dupont from a local long-time and independent auto parts store.    The painter is making a panel using the hood bar paint to for scanning to see if this can be done in R-M paint.   


The 1600 photos are for comparison.

Compare 3.jpg

1600 Atlantik 3.jpg

1600 Atlantik 2.jpg

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