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Leak around base of dipstick

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Hey guys,


Chasing a leak. Looks like the source is from the base of the dipstick tube (arrow in the first pic). I searched the FAQ and the only recommendation I saw was to put some sealant around the base of the dipstick tube and jam it in there.
1. Is that a viable solution?
2. If so, what type of sealant would you guys recommend?

3. See second pic, it looks like there might be a groove down in the hole in the block. Not sure if that's where the tube bottoms out or if there's supposed to be an o-ring there. Just rebuilt the motor last year so would rather not drop the pan, but willing to do so to fix the leak..


Thanks for the help.





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There were several different dipstick assemblies used on 2002s; yours is definitely not the early style with the cast aluminum base that screws into the block.  However, the parts book shows several variants of the steel tube that's a press fit into the block, similar to your picture. 


Go on realoem.com (or check your factory parts book) and look at page 11-44.  At least one of the three dipstick tube variants use some species of tubular clip (parts book calls it a "double taper ring") to help wedge the tube into the block.  However, this ring goes with an externally threaded "cap screw" through which the tube passes through--and your picture shows no threads inside the dipstick tube hole.   Thus I suspect your dipstick tube is one-piece tube that's pressed in to the block, or the two-piece tube that's joined together with a section of rubber hose.  Neither of them use any kind of fitting or seal where they enter the block, just a press fit.  


If the fit on yours is loose, you might try taking a tapered punch and gently expand the end that's inserted into the block to give it a tighter fit.



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