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Tires for 15", 6" wide rims?

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Backstory: went to 6" wide rim on front for my 15" OZ Alpinas.  Have 7" wide on back.  Did so for fender rub while also tweaking a few other things.  Anyway, followed the sizing recommendation of the shop and ended up with 185/55 on front as opposed to the 195/50 already on back w/o realizing how much that would change the profile.  Don't like it.  Front looks chunky compared to back.


Question: it *appears* you can run 195/50 on a 6" wide, 15" rim.  Obviously, rim is about 1' narrower.  Stupid idea?  Going to look dumb?  Not liking how it looks.


As always, thank you for any input.

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If i recall correctly when looking for tyres 195/50 is right bang in spec for most tyre manufactures for a 15x6" rim.


I am truly racking my mind for what my car attached was but i think it was 195/50 all round but may have been 195/45 (obviously lowered so reduced tyre gap)


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