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clurch master to pedal pivot bolt

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Yeah those can be a pesky thing to source. I have used a 17mm bolt, a nylock nut, washers of course, and then cut a small tube to make a sleeve that the eyelet rides on. use sticky grease like that used for urethane bushings.  The last part is the trick and not to tighten the nylock too tight but tight to enough allow it to move.  


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lol...great minds think alike...i bought a bolt, nylock nut and a delrin and metal bushing to make one but was hopeful that i could avoid the hassle and just buy or beg one...i guess buying on is not on the menu


speaking of weed...my neighbor has MS and experiences a lot of sleepless nights...her daughter, a nurse bough her a Delta-8 Vape Pen hoping to relieve some of her pain and help her sleep...neighbor didn't like it so she gave it to me...pretty stout stuff for legal

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You could also buy a longer bolt of the proper diameter--one with an unthreaded shoulder--and cut it to length after extending the threaded portion so that it begins a few mm past the section covered by the pedal and clutch M/C rod.  Then you could tighten the nut to the end of the threads without worrying about it being too tight as it would hit the thread's end.  I'd still sleeve/grease it to avoid metal-to-metal contact.  


And be thankful you don't have a 1600 or early 2002 (pre 1665200 VIN) with the infamous horseshoe link in the clutch pedal linkage.



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