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Alpina Bits on 1970 2002ti??

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 I would say that no Alpina parts came on the car from the factory, BMW in this era made a point of holding all tuners at arms length, at best BMW delivered a ti to Alpina and they did their thing or the parts were added by the PO, the records of these cars from Alpina are to say the least spotty.

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Son of Marty and Jam3422 nicely summed up the story.


Unfortunately, with BMW Group Archives in reorganization mode until later this year, the new owner cannot get an Archives report…. yet! Such report could possibly confirm any original Alpina connection, e.g., here’s a report for a bona fide Alpina-modded car:


“The BMW 2002 tii US VIN 2760173 was manufactured on December 17th, 1971 and delivered on December 29th, 1971 to the BMW dealer Bovensiepen in Buchloe. The original colour was Verona, paint code 024.”


Bovensiepen, of course, is the family name for the founder of Alpina. And Alpina, before 1977, was solely a BMW tuner, albeit a BMW tuner owned by the same principals as a BMW dealership! It was not yet a “car manufacturer”.


If the new owner believes the car was modified by Alpina, at their shop in Buchloe, he should contact Alpina. They will likely have no specifics regarding what was done to the car, but they should have a record of the car, by its VIN, arriving at the Alpina shop.


If, on the other hand, the new owner simply believes the car has acquired Alpina parts during its history, this forum can probably identify them, but they’re going to need to see “a bunch of photos”! As to when those Alpina parts were added to the car? That’s one of those “lots of luck” questions. Most Alpina parts were added, as Barrett suggested, by owners, authorized dealers, and third-party shops, and only a few by Alpina itself. Alpina parts were shipped all over the world, and carried back to home countries by servicemen serving abroad and travelers traveling abroad. As a matter of fact, we’re still adding Alpina bits to our cars… 😋


Best regards,


Steve C.


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Just to add my relatives A4s was fitted out at a UK dealer under licence from Alpina, I believe there was at least one UK dealer doing this without permission and using non Alpina parts for some of the builds, but his was all qualified Alpina parts…. And oh boy did it go!

But it pays to check!

My understanding is as Steve and others mentioned, BMW used to deliver cars to Alpina for build, certainly with the early cars.

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Hello Steve,


As far as I know no Alpina parts would have been installed or affixed to the car at the BMW factory. So, anything "Alpina" would have been added later, most probably by one of the owners. While BMW had a good relationship with Alpina there was no mixing and matching of Alpina parts at the BMW factory.


There are people on this board though, who have the "Alpina" virus while others are afflicted with "tii" fever. I don't think you're one of them, but beware. These are highly communicable diseases.


That's pretty cool your buddy scored a genuine 2002ti. Colorado Orange is the perfect color for a 2002ti.




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Another dimension - back then, the dealer network was not BMW-owned, so they were under less control and some were agents for Alpina as well. I have a Schwarz tii with documented history, first owner the Managing Director of BMW Concessionaires (UK) Ltd, specified with CR 5Sp, LSD, Electric Roof, Alpina Air Dam, Alpina Quarter Bumpers, Scheel (?) seat, Alpina Steel Wheels (Carb Logo Stickers on centre caps) - no engine mods I am aware of.

BMW Group Archive shows delivery to BMW Concessionaires UK (no detail on gearbox & axle), and an enquiry to Alpina shows no record of this car.

So, it had Alpina additions 'when new', but these were fitted after BMW delivered it to UK.

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9 hours ago, Slavs said:

while others are afflicted with "tii" fever.

Well I’ve got more of a runny nose than a fever, Mind you I do get a bit of a temperature when it goes wrong and I have to pay the “Tii tax” lol kidding, i just replaced my injection pump and to be fair it was a reasonable price from Jaymic, lovely job to! I do find a nice soothing drive and a rub down with a bmw manual relieves any aches and chills😂🙄😜

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1 hour ago, uai said:
10 hours ago, dlacey said:

Alpina Quarter Bumpers

What's this? never seen or heard of. Neither on any price list I've seen

 It's also an alloy airdam, not GRP.

The UK BMW club knows the car.... It's been in Malaysia last 15 yrs.

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There are also a number of options that were available from (a.) the factory and (b.) Alpina. Some of these are mistakenly referred to as “Alpina” goodies, although they were clearly produced by or for BMW AG and available from BMW without Alpina’s intervention. These include, for instance, the close-ratio (a.k.a., dogleg) 5-speed, the quick-ratio steering box, limited-slip differentials in many ratios — although Alpina also offered the latter with higher lock-up ratios than the 40% offered by the factory — and both Recaro and Scheel seats.

Below, first photo, the quick-ratio steering box, highlighted in green. It appears, at least from this factory parts catalogue, to have been only formally offered on ti and tii sub-models. The second photo shows some of the less-common ring-and-pinion ratios available from the factory.








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