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If anyone has carpet out of a later model LHD car (I have a '76) and it still uses the original nubs for the gas pedal, can you take a few photos with measurements for me, maybe from the bottom edge of the pedal box? My car had the floor replaced many years ago (original seam is gone too) but nobody measured where the nubs were for reinstall purposes. I have the brand new nub/bracket, I just would like to have something better than a guess on exactly where it needs to go. 



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22 minutes ago, PapaG said:

I saw that one, but was concerned about the RHD issue. You think it exactly the same, just the opposite side?

Continue reading rest of the post. Fatherof3 has nice close up picture showing where to start (front to back) and lining left side of the bracket to 1st bottom mounting hole.

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Saw that too, but my OEM "seam" is gone, so I can't line it up like the photo shows. I can get it close with that photo, and maybe that will be good enough.

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Original road tests of 2002s "back in the day" complained about the accelerator pedal being too upright and a literal pain in the ankle on long drives with no cruise control. 


So...you might try experimenting with moving the two nubs a few millimeters aft of thier original location to put less of an angle on the pedal.  Just make sure that the new position allows full pedal travel so that the carb's throttle plates are fully open when the pedal is floored.



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Or ditch the pedal all together and install a roller.  Talk about smooooth acceleration.  ;) 

(the nubs went away with that part of the floor on my car)








edit:  Sorry, the roller is not helpful and I've over-posted it over the years as well.  I do enjoy it though.


I asked the nub location question way back when and was told to use my one piece carpet holes to locate them.  I'd probably just put a hinge in, if I was to add a pedal now.

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2 hours ago, '76mintgrün'02 said:

install a roller.

Not 100% sure but I think the earlier VW beetles employed a roller on the gas pedal but dropped it for a normal pedal sometime around 1960.  I seem to remember a friends late 50's Beetle had a roller gas pedal. That was a long time ago, and the car was not kept up very well so it could have been a creative solution by my buddy.

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